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Open House


10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Includes a tour of the 1891 Heritage House with Period furnishings, the Christian R. Harris Memorial Hall, the First Jail in San Bernardino, and the Historical Society Library.



Please leave a note in the Paypal "Write a note" box to designate whether your donation is for San Bernardino Historical Society or Camp Cajon Monument. Thanks for donating!

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Donate Today:

Old Photographs

San Bernardino Books and Pamphlets

Letters and Diaries


Clean out your Attic!


If you enjoy The San Bernardino Valley’s rich History, maybe YOU have some old photographs or documents in your attic which need to be protected for the enjoyment of future generations.


Perhaps you have some elderly neighbors who have a bunch of old unidentified pictures or family albums or a phone book from 1920.


One of your friends just bought an old house and found a steamer trunk full of letters or diaries from the 1890’s.


Things like these are thrown away every day and the wonderful memories of historical events and places are gone forever.  People find old photographs which somebody forgot to label and throw them in the dumpster.  A brochure from a civic organization which was disbanded 50 years ago is just collecting dust on a shelf in a closet.


The City of San Bernardino Historical and Pioneer Society wants to protect and share these things, and you can get a nice tax deduction for your donation!


Maybe you like to go to yard sales, and you find a City Directory for San Bernardino from 1903.  You buy it for a dollar, donate it to us and take a tax deduction for two dollars, or whatever price you can determine from similar sales on e-bay.  Your accountant will thank you, and Uncle Sam will give you a thumbs-up!


Can’t bear to part with that picture of your Aunt Hepzibah’s ex-husband’s cousin?

Keep it!  But first, bring us that old photograph and we’ll make a digital copy for our archives.  You keep the original - plus you get a digital copy to share with your brothers, your sisters and your grandkids . . . and, of course Aunt Hepzibah’s ex-husband’s family!   (Please keep in mind that we are mostly interested in the really old stuff - so don't try to fool us by bringing in that portrait you just had taken at Glamour Shots.)


Our website is free.  The San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum and 1891 Heritage House are open to the public.  Everyone’s invited to our monthly lectures and programs.  


It’s your turn to help!


Please consider renewing your membership, or giving a membership to a friend for a birthday present.  Volunteer to work on our website, archiving projects or open house, or make a monetary donation or bequest.


The City of San Bernardino Historical and Pioneer Society.  


Celebrating History since 1888.