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10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Includes a tour of the 1891 Heritage House with Period furnishings, the Christian R. Harris Memorial Hall, the First Jail in San Bernardino, and the Historical Society Library.



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Here is another link to graves on Google Maps, which has the gravesites of the following:
James Frais
Henry Goodsell
Harriet Goodsell
Joseph S. & Sarah Sawyer
Michael & Helen Mulvaney
Jervis, Rachel J., & William J. Pike
Samuel Sheperd
Joseph & Lorana Thorn
Andrew Lytle
Hannah Lytle
Jesse Folks
Charles & Mary Folks
Amos Bemis
Milan D. Crandall
Harriet J. Roberds
Richard Roberds
John & Harriet Roberds
Julia Bemis
A. & J.E. McCrary
George & Ellen Cooley
W. F. & Nancy Holcomb
William Hance McCrary
James Mitchell & John McCrary
Lenora Mapstead
Isaac Bessant
Elizabeth "Ma" Hunt
William Heap
William H. Secombe
Alfred Henry Secombe
Billy "Uncle" Stephen
Sheldon Stoddard
Sydney Waite
Henry Godfuts Rabel
Elizabeth Ann Rabel
Edward E. & Susanna Poole
Alonzo Edison & Elizabeth Catlain Jones
W.C. Keller
George Lord, Jr.
George & Arabella Lord
Lenora A. Jewell
Benjamin B. & Bettie E. Harris
Elizabeth Frances Van Leuven
Anson B. Van Leuven
Lewis Van Leuven
Benjamin Van Leuven (D. 1866)
John Sr. & Elizabeth Mapstead
George Swarthout
Isaac Clinton Grimes
B.W. Wilson
Isaac Copeland & Nancy Grimes
Celia Mounts Hunt
Lizzie Towne
Robert Walkinshaw
Clark S. Fabun
David, Joseph R., Mary, & David Seely
D.M. Taft
William Conn
Alexander W. & Marion Keir
H.H. & Lizzie Hadley Cole
JD & MM Gilbert
Benjamin Franklin Matthews
David L., Mary E., & Minerva Caroline Aldridge
Jeptha & Sarah Weeks
John Ellis Garner
James M. West
Nathan Moore Swarthout
Robert W. Wallace
Horace M. & Polly H. Frink
Hiram Clark
George McElvanie
Minerva McElvanie
Horace Clark
J.D. Potter
Danford & Jane Atwood
Charles & Elizabeth Flake Rowan
Joseph Clews
James S. Brooks
John & Agnes Metcalf
James Madison Coburn
A.J. Cox
Sarah Ann Rathbun
William McDonald-1901
William McDonald-1898
Edward Barber, Grace, John Arthur, Moses Laomi, Nancy Ann Daley
Joseph & Margaret E. Yount
Edward Jr. Daley
John Brown Sr.
James Wesley & Martha Louise Waters
John Brown Jr.
Jerusha, Nephi, & Samuel Bemis
Pioneer Memorial Monument
Gasham Case
Anne Miller
Jarrid L. Miller
J. L. Miller
Nathan Jasper Wixom
Rebecca Catlain Wixom
Susan "Susie" A. Rene
J. Sydnie Mee
Eliza Mee
Benjamin Van Leuven (D. 1907)
Lydia Van Leuven
Frederick M. Van Leuven
Mary Van Leuven
John Mayfield
Catharine Yager
Alfred Benson
Clarrisa Jane Ferguson
Hester Rose Blackburn
Charles Walker Wixom
Martha Eliza Wixom
Willard Armond Wixom
Cynthia Wixom Payne
"Mother" Mary Wixom Crandall
Parley Whitaker Heap