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Includes a tour of the 1891 Heritage House with Period furnishings, the Christian R. Harris Memorial Hall, the First Jail in San Bernardino, and the Historical Society Library.



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Pioneer Cabin News was a publication of The San Bernardino Society of California Pioneers.  This Newsletter was assembled monthly from sometime during the 1950's thru the late 1970's.  We have quite a few issues of the Newsletter in our files.  The earliest edition in our files dates from 1954 and the latest is from 1975. 

The goals of The Pioneer Cabin News were "To Inform - To Entertain - To Express" and it's motto was "The Latch-String is out.  The motto referring to the practice of leaving the latch-string of a cabin door out so anyone wishing to enter could just pull the latch-string and let themselves in.


We have a sample issue available for you to enjoy from the Winter of 1970 - 1971.  It was edited by Richard and Kathy Thompson, scanned by Gerry and Linda Brasfield, and added to the website by Joe Fondy.  Volunteers are needed for this and the many other projects we are working on.


December 1970


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