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Open House


10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Includes a tour of the 1891 Heritage House with Period furnishings, the Christian R. Harris Memorial Hall, the First Jail in San Bernardino, and the Historical Society Library.



Please leave a note in the Paypal "Write a note" box to designate whether your donation is for San Bernardino Historical Society or Camp Cajon Monument. Thanks for donating!

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Leonard, Willis Edwin.pdf

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Leonhardt, Charles F.pdf

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Leonhardt, Margaret M.pdf

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Lettunech, Antone B.pdf

Letz, Logan.pdf

Leupric, Aaron.pdf

Leuschen, Fred.pdf

Leuschen, Gherese.pdf

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Levenworth, Harry.pdf

Leveque, Laura E.pdf

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Leverenz, Hugo.pdf

Levering, Martin M.pdf

Levering, Noah L.pdf

Leverose, Andrew.pdf

Levet, Benjamin Franklin Jr (2).pdf

Levet, Benjamin Franklin Jr.pdf

Levet, Benjamin Franklin Sr.pdf

LeVezu, Frank.pdf

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Levick, William Roberts.pdf

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Levings, John Kendol.pdf

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Levy, Isaac Hersh.pdf

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Lewis, William.pdf

Ley, George John.pdf

Leyba, Juana.pdf

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Libiger, F A.pdf

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Lichman, Anthony.pdf

Lichtbodey, William.pdf

Lichtenwalter,Mellville J.pdf

Lichtwark (Lichmak), Theodore.pdf

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Lightfoot, Charles Augustus (Augustus C).pdf

Lightfoot, Francis (Frank) M.pdf

Lightfoot, J H.pdf

Lightfoot, John Hurbert.pdf

Lightfoot, William Edwin W.pdf

Lightner, Ray.pdf

Lilemondiere, Pascal.pdf

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Lill, William E.pdf

Lilley, Carlton Lional.pdf

Lilley, James N.pdf

Lilley, Lavern.pdf

Lilley, William D.pdf

Lillibridge, Ansel J.pdf

Lillie, Jennie A.pdf

Lillie, William A.pdf

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Lillingham, Reece M.pdf

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Lilly, May.pdf

Lilse, John.pdf

Lily (Lilley), Earnest D.pdf

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Limon, Ruperto.pdf

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Linares, Mariano.pdf

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Lindenburg, William Marion.pdf

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Linder, Lillie.pdf

Linderman, Charles.pdf

Lindholm, Ebba.pdf

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Lindner, Charles Henry Jr.pdf

Lindner, Charles Henry Sr.pdf

Lindner, Rolfe Hrud.pdf

Lindo (Linds), Adolph.pdf

Lindsay, D S.pdf

Lindsay, William A.pdf

Lindsey, Maggie.pdf

Lindsey, Wingate.pdf

Lindsley, Bertha.pdf

Lindsley, George Arthur.pdf

Lindsley, Howard.pdf

Lindsley, Sa-- G.pdf

Linean (Lineau), Charles H.pdf

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Linen, Joseph.pdf

Lineros, Mananno.pdf

Lines, H.pdf

Linfesty, Charles Walter.pdf

Linfesty, John Peter (2).pdf

Linfesty, John Peter.pdf

Linfesty, Laura D.pdf

Linfesty, Ralph.pdf

Linfesty, William A.pdf

Lingley, Lydia.pdf

Lingo, Charles.pdf

Lingo, Edward Franklin.pdf

Lingo, Elizabeth A.pdf

Lingo, Francis Marion.pdf

Lingo, John Franklin.pdf

Linhardt, Frederick Theodore.pdf

Linihan, Timothy J.pdf

Link, Mary B.pdf

Link, May M.pdf

Link, Sylvester.pdf


Linki, Henry.pdf

Linn, Gustaf B.pdf

Linn, Mollie.pdf


Linonas, Minguel.pdf

Linsay, Mamie.pdf

Linsey, Lee.pdf

Linskey (Linsky),Ester.pdf

Linsy, E.pdf

Linsy, Henry M.pdf

Linsy, William.pdf

Lint---, Joseph.pdf

Linuchis, Guaro.pdf

Linville, Henry Hershel.pdf

Linville, William Jameson.pdf

Lion, P.pdf

Lipari, Myrna Folks.pdf

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Lipman, Charles.pdf

Lippincott, John F.pdf

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Lipscomb, Thomas Jefferson.pdf

Liranda, Felicia.pdf

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Lisalda, Mino and Juan.pdf

Lisalde, Mariano.pdf

Lisazar, Joseph.pdf

Lish, E B.pdf

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Littlefield (Pioneer Cemetery records).pdf

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Littlefield, Frederick William.pdf

Littlefield, Henry Smith.pdf

Littlefield, Joseph Henry.pdf

Littlefield, Joseph Smith (2).pdf

Littlefield, Joseph Smith (3).pdf

Littlefield, Joseph Smith (4).pdf

Littlefield, Joseph Smith (5).pdf

Littlefield, Joseph Smith.pdf

Littlefield, Mahlon.pdf

Littlefield, Waldo.pdf


Littlehale, Edward.pdf

Littlepage, Europe F.pdf

Littlepage, Henry.pdf

Littlepage, Louis Wright.pdf

Littleton, Agnes Frances.pdf

Littleton, Arthur D.pdf

Littleton, Dwight E.pdf

Littleton, Thomas.pdf

Littlewood, William.pdf

Litts, Archie D.pdf

Litz, Forrest.pdf

Livatto see Lovato.pdf

Lively, Joseph H.pdf

Livermore, Abbie.pdf

Livermore, Albert Hamlin.pdf

Livermore, Boy Baby.pdf

Livermore, Clarence Granville.pdf

Livermore, Frank.pdf

Livingston, Edward.pdf

Livingston, Eleanor Isabella.pdf

Livingston, Georgia.pdf

Livingston, Henry Peter.pdf

Livingston, Hugh Clinton.pdf

Livingston, John Andrew.pdf

Livingston, Joseph Bell.pdf

Livingston, Samuel.pdf

Livingston, William.pdf

Livingstone, David Bard.pdf

Livingstone, Margaret.pdf

Livingstone, Peter McGregor.pdf

Llamas, Rosa P.pdf

LLewellyon, Ed.pdf

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Lloyd, Alverst J.pdf

Lloyd, Flora.pdf

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