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Includes a tour of the 1891 Heritage House with Period furnishings, the Christian R. Harris Memorial Hall, the First Jail in San Bernardino, and the Historical Society Library.


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Aaron, Arnold

Aaron, Charles F

Aarup, Andy J

Aarup, Hans Jorgen

Abadie (Abadir)

Abalarde, Ignacia

Aballard, Joseph

Abarte, Pedro

Abbey, Charles C



Abbott 1

Abbott 2

Abbott 3.(Mary B.)

Abbott 4

Abbott, Charles L

Abbott, Edward A.

Abbott, Edward Apthorp

Abbott, Ezra I

Abbott, Frank Winslow

Abbott, Harry

Abbott, Herbert O

Abbott, Hiland Hawley

Abbott, John

Abbott, Joshua

Abbott, Louis

Abbott, Theron J

Abbott, William A

Abel (Able)

Abel, Ernest Leman

Abel, Lindley Scovil

Abel, Lyman M

Abel, William A

Aberdein, John

Aberle, John

Abien, Daniel (Ahem)

Abillar, Perfecto


Able, Jesse (Abel)


Ables, Benjamin

Ables, Clarence A

Ables, Wallace M

Abplanalp, Edward

Abraham, Albert

Abrahamson, A

Abrahamson, George S

Abrams, Henry Hedden

Abrams, Julius

Abrams, William


Abril, Clemente

Abril, Espiririon

Abril, Ireneo

Abril, Irenes

Abril, Manuel 1

Abril, Manuel 2

Abril, Manuel 3

Abril, Raphael


Abronson, David B

Acantago, B

Acebes or Aceves

Aceveda, L


Achar, John

Acheson, William Story


Ackenback, James

Acker, Fred William

Acker, George

Acker, Morgan

Ackerman, Harry L

Ackerman, Herman

Ackerman, John

Ackerson, John H



Acosta 1

Acosta 2

Acosta 3

Acosta 4

Acosta, Antonio

Acosta, Carlos

Acosta, Eduardo

Acosta, Jose Rafael

Acosta, Juan G

Acosta, Magil

Acosta, Manuel 1

Acosta, Manuel 2

Acosta, Miguel

Acosta, Quintana

Acosta, Trinidad

Acuna 1

Acuna 2

Acuna 3

Acuna 4

Acuna 5

Acuna 6

Acuna, Angel

Acuna, Antonio

Acuna, Froilan

Acuna, George

Acuna, Jose Maria

Acuna, Manuel

Adair, A. Aird

Adair, Andrew Pockens

Adair, William Henry


Adame 1

Adame 2

Adame, E. R

Adame, Eliseo Rivas 2

Adame, Elisio Rivas 1

Adams 1

Adams 2

Adams 3

Adams 4

Adams 5

Adams 6

Adams 7

Adams 8

Adams 9

Adams 10

Adams 11

Adams, Alfred

Adams, Arthur

Adams, Asa

Adams, C. A

Adams, Charles Dederer

Adams, Charles E

Adams, Charles

Adams, David

Adams, Edward A

Adams, Everett Eugene

Adams, F. H

Adams, Frank Charles

Adams, Frank S

Adams, Frank

Adams, Freddie

Adams, G. L

Adams, George Dunbar

Adams, Gus Miller

Adams, H. F.

Adams, Henry F

Adams, Henry

Adams, Horace Bishop

Adams, Horace C

Adams, James Edwin

Adams, John 1

Adams, John 2

Adams, John L

Adams, John William

Adams, Jonathan

Adams, Lester L

Adams, Lial E

Adams, Nathan Worley

Adams, Robert 1

Adams, Robert 2

Adams, S. H

Adams, Thomas G

Adams, W. H

Adams, W. J

Adams, Walter L

Adams, William Willis

Adams, William


Adanto, Guadalupe


Ade, Albert

Adkins, Thomas Stanton

Adkins, William

Adler, William



Adolph, Harry

Adonto, Jose

Adoph, Lee H

Agalan, Geronimo

Agerter, Perry D

Agilar, Rafael

Agllon, Pacundo


Agnar, Juan


Aguayo, Frank A

Aguayo, G P

Aguayo, Jose Manuel 1

Aguayo, Jose Manuel 2

Aguayo, Loreto

Aguila 1

Aguila 2

Aguilar 1

Aguilar 2

Aguilar, A. v

Aguilar, Antonio

Aguilar, Francisco E

Aguilar, Francisco

Aguilar, Geronimo

Aguilar, Harmon

Aguilar, Macedonio

Aguire, Urban

Aguirre, Adolph

Aguirre, Juan Antonio 1

Aguirre, Juan Antonio 2

Aguirre, Martin M

Aguirre, Martin

Aguirre, Miguel Martin Antonio 1  

Aguirre, Miguel Martin Antonio 2


Ah, Paul

Ahlf, Claus

Ahrens, Ellis

Ahrens, Henry

Ahrens, John F


Aich, Joseph R

Aiken, George

Aiken, J. T

Ainsbitt, T. W

Ainslie, Donald F

Ainsworth, Alonzo

Ainsworth, William

Aird, William


Aitkens, Charles


Ajerba, Ramon

Akeno, Prochero 2

Akeno, Prochero

Akers and Carpenter family photos

Akers family (maybe) photo 2

Akers family (maybe) photo

Akers family 1

Akers family 2

Akers family 3

Akers family photo

Akers family photograph

Akers genealogy

Akers in Fresno cemeteries

Akers, A. M

Akers, Bertha Genevra

Akers, Bertha

Akers, Catherine photo

Akers, David Alexander

Akers, David

Akers, Emma (Clarke) photo

Akers, Emma

Akers, Francis Marion 1

Akers, Francis Marion 2

Akers, Francis Marion 3

Akers, Frank

Akers, Grace

Akers, Harold

Akers, John Meredith 1

Akers, John Meredith 2

Akers, John Meredith 3

Akers, John Meredith

Akers, John Mereith 4

Akers, John

Akers, Larkin Braxron 6

Akers, Larkin Braxton 2

Akers, Larkin Braxton 3

Akers, Larkin Braxton 4

Akers, Larkin Braxton 5

Akers, Larkin Braxton

Akers, Larkin photo

Akers, Meredith Thompson 1

Akers, Meredith Thompson 2

Akers, Oregon 1

Akers, Oregon 2

Akers, Richard 2

Akers, Richard R

Akers, Richard

Akers, Thomas M

Akers, Thomas Robert

Akers, Wesley A


Akes, Meredith

Akey, David Howard

Akey, Samuel

Asavedo, Aldo Acevedo)

Asavedo, Cladia (sic) Acevedo

Al Rice, Manson R

Alameda, Frank

Alaniz, Refugio

Alarai, Jose

Alarid, Jose

Alaskas, Emanuel


Albanez, Epifanio

Albanez, Francisco


Albar, Manuel de

Albares, Jose M

Albarez, Rafael

Albarro (Alvaro), Francisco


Albert, Henry

Albert, James Edward

Alberti, Clark

Albertina, Jim

Albertini, Joseph

Albillar, Ramon

Albrecht, Jacob

Albrecht, Joseph

Albrigan, Henrique

Albright, John


Alcorn, William G

Aldecore, Francisco

Alden, George

Alder, John Henry

Alder, Samuel

Alder, William Henry


Alderson, Christopher

Alderson, F. Earl

Aldrich 1

Aldrich 2

Aldrich 3

Aldrich 4

Aldrich, A. Eugene

Aldrich, C. H

Aldrich, Harlan Page

Aldrich, Henry H

Aldrich, J

Aldrich, James B

Aldrich, Jerome Bonaparte

Aldrich, Levi

Aldrich, William W

Aldridge, Aquilla

Aldridge, David Lehi 1

Aldridge, David Lehi 2

Aldridge, David Lehi 3

Aldridge, David Lehi 4

Aldridge, Harold

Aldridge, Jeptha Wahington 1

Aldridge, Jeptha Washington 2r

Aldridge, Lois Beryl 2

Aldridge, Lois Beryl 3

Aldridge, Lois Beryl

Aldridge, M. L

Aldridge, Marion Lafayette 1

Aldridge, Marion Lafayette 2

Aldridge, Minerva C

Aldridge, Nellie

Aldridge, William 2

Aldridge, William 3

Aldridge, William 4

Aldridge, William 5

Aldridge, William Harris Dvid

Aldridge, William

Alegriles, Solomon


Alen, George Henry

Alen, George

Alexander 1

Alexander 2

Alexander 3

Alexander 4

Alexander 5

Alexander 6

Alexander Oscar Calvin

Alexander, A. P

Alexander, Ambrose Peck (Jr)

Alexander, Ambrose Peck (Sr)

Alexander, Ambrose Peck 2

Alexander, Ambrose Peck genealogy

Alexander, Annie E. 2

Alexander, Annie E

Alexander, Antonio

Alexander, C. A

Alexander, Charles

Alexander, Clarence Neal

Alexander, Clarence William

Alexander, David W

Alexander, Eugene Miles

Alexander, Frank

Alexander, George R

Alexander, Gerald Kendall

Alexander, Henry

Alexander, Isaac

Alexander, John F

Alexander, Lawrence Bengeman

Alexander, Leopold

Alexander, Levi

Alexander, Maurice Rittenhouse

Alexander, S

Alexander, W. B

Alexander, William Henry

Alexander, William R

alexanderson, Carl

Alf, Seymour 2

Alf, Seymour

Alford, John

Alford, Leroy A

Algeo, John

Alger, Francisco

Alger, Hugh Cole

Alger, Samuel 2

Alger, Samuel

Alila. Guadalupe

Alkinson, Harry R


Alkire, Adam S

Alkire, C. O




Allan, Charles A

Allan, William Morris

Allatt, H. E

Alldredge, George W

Allemand, Pierre

Allen 1

Allen 2

Allen 3

Allen 4

Allen 5

Allen 6

Allen 7

Allen 8

Allen 9

Allen 10

Allen 11

allen 12

Allen 13

Allen 14

Allen 15

Allen 16

Allen 17

Allen 18

Allen family

Allen, A. P

Allen, Alfred

Allen, Almon and Norman 1

Allen, Almon and Norman 2

Allen, Almon and Norman 3

Allen, Almond

Allen, Amos G. 1

Allen, Amos G. 2

Allen, Amos G. 3

Allen, Amos G. 4

Allen, Amos G. 5

Allen, Amos G. 6

Allen, Amos Goodwin

Allen, Andrew and Clarinda Knapp

Allen, Andrew Lee

Allen, Benjamin Franklin

Allen, Byron William

Allen, C. F

Allen, Charles E

Allen, Charles Hopkiins 3

Allen, Charles Hopkins 2

Allen, Charles Hopkins

Allen, Charles Junier

Allen, Charles Oscar

Allen, Charles Whitfield

Allen, Charles Winfred

Allen, Clarence

Allen, Clarinda Knapp 1

Allen, Clarinda Knapp 2

Allen, Clarinda Knapp 3

Allen, Clarinda Knapp 4

Allen, Clarinda Knapp 5

Allen, Clarinda Knapp 6

Allen, Clarinda Knapp 7

Allen, Clarinda Knapp 8

Allen, Clarinda Knapp 9

Allen, Claybern Williams

Allen, David Boordman

Allen, Delores

Allen, E. R

Allen, E. W

Allen, Ebenezer C

Allen, Edward 1

Allen, Elijah 2

Allen, Elijah

Allen, Elizabeth Hoopes 1

Allen, Elizabeth Hoopes 2

Allen, Frank C. 1

Allen, Frank C. 2

Allen, Frank

Allen, Fred Emerson

Allen, G. D

Allen, G. W.

Allen, George 1

Allen, George 2

Allen, Guy William

Allen, Halsey Warren

Allen, Harry W

Allen, Helen

Allen, Herbert Smith

Allen, Horatio

Allen, Isaac

Allen, Jacob G

Allen, James 1

Allen, James 2

Allen, James 3

Allen, James M

Allen, Jared Ethan

Allen, Jesse

Allen, John 1

Allen, John 2

Allen, John 3

Allen, John 4

Allen, John 5

Allen, John C

Allen, John Cook

Allen, John H. B

Allen, John Hayes

Allen, John W

Allen, Jonas W

Allen, Joseph 1

Allen, Joseph 2

Allen, Joseph B

Allen, Legare (Sr) 1

Allen, Legare Allen (Sr) 2

Allen, Legare

Allen, Mark

Allen, Nahum B

Allen, Nelson Apollinaire

Allen, Norman Douglas

Allen, Oliver Atwell

Allen, Oscar George

Allen, R. G

Allen, R. T

Allen, Richard (Jr)

Allen, Richard (Sr) 1

Allen, Richard

Allen, Robert F

Allen, Robert

Allen, Rubin

Allen, Thomas Emmett

Allen, Thomas Franklin

Allen, Thomas

Allen, William 1

Allen, William 2

Allen, William 3

Allen, William A

Allen, William C

Allen, William David Franklin

Allen, William Ira

Allen, William J 2

Allen, William J

Allen, William R

Allen, William Riley

Allen, Willis C

Alley, Joseph S

Allgood, William H

Allgren, Justice

Allin, John H


Allinder, John Walter

Allio, James

Allison 1

Allison 2

Allison 3

Allison 4

Allison 5

Allison, Bessie A

Allison, Charles Loran 1

Allison, Charles Loren 2

Allison, Dunlap

Allison, Earl Lyman

Allison, Effie

Allison, Frank Gillingham

Allison, Harry A

Allison, Harry L. 1

Allison, Harry L. 2

Allison, Hugh Jackson

Allison, Isaac

Allison, James

Allison, Jesse M

Allison, John Grant

Allison, John James

Allison, Mrs. Harry L

Allison, Thomas

Allison, William Francis

Allison, William

Alllen, Edward 2

Allred, James Riley

Allyn, Ethi

Almadar, Tobussio

Almanza, Trinidad




Almogono, Dalmar

Almon, Frank


Almy, George C

Alphin, Joshua H

Alsop cemetery markers


Alsup, Alan J

Altamarana, Joseph

Altamirano, Jose Antonio

Altamirano, Luis

Altamirano, Tomas

Altheide, Charles Henry

Althouse, Samuel

Altimerano, Ysidro


Alvanez, Jose

Alvar, Jose J

Alvara, Antonio

Alvarado 1

Alvarado 2

Alvarado 3

Alvarado 4

Alvarado 5

Alvarado 6

Alvarado 7

Alvarado cemetery marker

Alvarado sister

Alvarado sisters 2

Alvarado sisters 3

Alvarado sisters 4

Alvarado sisters 5

Alvarado sisters 6

Alvarado sisters 7

Alvarado sisters 8

Alvarado, A

Alvarado, Almado

Alvarado, Antonia

Alvarado, Carl Walter

Alvarado, David

Alvarado, Francisco (Frank) William

Alvarado, Francisco

Alvarado, Godofredo

Alvarado, Isidro

Alvarado, Jesus Maria

Alvarado, Jose Juan

Alvarado, Juan de Dios

Alvarado, Juan Jose 1

Alvarado, Juan Jose 2

Alvarado, Juan Jose Mattias

Alvarado, Juan Neopmuceno

Alvarado, Miguel 2

Alvarado, Miguel 3

Alvarado, Miguel 4

Alvarado, Miguel Martinez

Alvarado, Miguel

Alvarado, Pablo Alberto (Albert)

Alvarado, Rosendo Alejo

Alvarado, Rosendo

Alvarado, Sarah

Alvarado, Susan

Alvarado, Ygnacio M

Alvarado, Ygnacio

Alvarado, Ysidro 2

Alvarado, Ysidro

Alvarez 1

Alvarez 2

Alvarez 3

Alvarez 4

Alvarez, Manuel

Alvarez, Victor



Alvernnas, Henriquez

Alverson 1

Alverson 2

Alverson, A. H

Alverson, Andrew H

Alverson, C. S

Alverson, Charles Percy

Alverson, David B

Alverson, Edward Andrew

Alverson, J. E


Alvidson, Fred

Alvillar, Perfecto 1

Alvillar, Perfecto 2

Alvillar, Ramon

Alvis, Frank

Alviso, Jesus

Alvitare, Raymundo

Alvitre, Andres

Alvitre, Gabrino

Alvord, Clark Mumford

Alvord, James H


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