Thursday, June 6th  7:00pm
Monday, November 5, 2018 at 9:47AM
San Bernardino Historical Society

                           Railroad Depots:                                    

 A Southern Pacific Collection 


Author, historian and architectural draftsman Jean-Guy Dube will present
Railroad Depots: A Southern Pacific Collection. This lecture will transport the
audience back 140 years via slideshow to see rare photographs of known and unknown depots. Our speaker, who was awarded the national Leicester B. Holland Prize for 2017 by the National Park Service and Library of Congress, will describe the evolution of theearliest depots, how they changed over the years and how a few are preserved today.
The lecture will feature an exhibition of Mr. Dube’s detailed depot blueprints and
highlight his recently published book Railroad Depots—A Southern Pacific Collection.  Following the lecture, he will be signing copies of his book ($35) and select blueprints ($42).



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