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Thursday, November 2nd,  7:00PM

Native Mega-Art  

in the San Bernardino Mountains  


 Robert Allen Porter will present Native Mega-Art in the San Bernardino Mountains.  Robert, who has a BA degree in Anthropology from CSUSB, will begin his program by discussing the various Native American creation legends of the “Arrowhead” the extinct Serrano clan-- “ApÄ«havatum”, and the present Serrano (Maringayam) and Gabrielino ( Tongva) tribes. 
He will then present his theory about Native Mega-Art, which describes fire resistant gardens planted in mosaic images in the San Bernardino Mountains. This art represents a local form of indigenous language and song, artistically created on Arrowhead Peak and our surrounding hills.
Robert will have copies of his book, Native Mega-Art:  San Bernardino’s Creation Area and Mega-Glyphic Art for purchase at the conclusion of the program.


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